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Shipping Policy

Precision Tracking Solutions, Inc. (PTS) ships to all U.S. destinations, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Shipping times do not include the day the order ships. Shipping times are subject to delays during transit due to acts of God, mechanical issues, technological issues/outages, etc. PTS is not responsible for events that occur after the shipment is transferred to the carrier. All questions about shipping times should be directed to the carrier once the package is in their possession.

DAMAGED SHIPMENTS: Should a shipment arrive in such condition that you are concerned for the integrity of the products inside, we encourage you to refuse the shipment, citing the damage as the reason for refusal. SHIPMENTS REFUSED FOR ANY OTHER REASON WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 20% RESTOCKING FEE.

Should damage to the manufacturer's packing material be discovered after opening your shipment, we encourage you to photograph the damage found and contact us immediately so we can obtain copies of the photos showing the damage. This is especially important when attempting to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number for unopened items, as we require all unopened products to be in their original condition, including the manufacturer's packing material. IN AN EFFORT TO PROVIDE THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS AND BEST PURCHASE EXPERIENCE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, NO PRODUCT WILL LEAVE PTS WAREHOUSES WITH ANY VISIBLE DAMAGE TO THE PACKAGING. AS SUCH, IT IS PRESUMED THAT ANY PRODUCT RETURNED TO US WITH DAMAGE TO THE PACKAGING WAS DAMAGED DURING OR AFTER DELIVERY TO THE CUSTOMER.

INCORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS: Packages that are returned due to an incorrect shipping address provided by the customer will be subject to additional shipping charges and/or a 20% restocking fee. This shipping charge and/or 20% restocking fee will apply even if the customer was not charged shipping originally under a promotion.   PTS will be happy to reship the packages as requested by the customer. All reshipments will be subject to a reshipping fee, in addition to all applicable carrier fees. If a package has been returned and the customer has not contacted PTS, a 20% restocking fee and shipping charges will be deducted from the original amount charged and a refund for the balance will be processed and the products in the shipment will be placed back into inventory.

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