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Drone Systems Consulting

Wanna fly, but not sure where to start?

Get the right gear without the headaches.

Call now! (888) 987-8722

The Right Drone

Our drone experts can help you choose the right aircraft for you.

Batteries & Spare Parts

Be sure you're mission-ready, with the right batteries and spare parts.

Flight Accessories

Plan for a safe and successful mission with landing pads, light kits, and more!

Government Sales

PTS offers DOD-approved Drones for Federal, State, and Municipal Agencies.

Choosing the right drone is always mission critical. PTS makes it easy.

No matter the job, the right drone and accessories are critical to a successful mission.  Be sure you're prepared with everything you'll need, from take-off to landing! Precision Tracking Solutions works with police and fire departments, municipalities, wildlife and land bureaus, colleges and universities, oil and gas companies, and clients from many other industries across the United States. If you've got questions about the right drone for you, schedule now!

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Get your fleet on the right track with fleet optimization

In recent years, GPS tracking has become a vital tool for commercial fleet management. The technology has transformed the way businesses...

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