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The sky is the limit. Literally.

Looking for a new drone? Cases? Batteries?Replacement parts? PTS is here to help!

Drones from DJI, Autel, Teal, Commaris, Wingtra, and other industry leaders!

Trusted Brands

Personal and Enterprise

Drones Available 

Diverse Options

Customizable Drone Packages

for all your needs!

Flexible Solutions

Part 107 Pilots on staff

for Training and Consultation

Certified Staff

Take flight, with confidence. We make it easy!

  • Choosing the right drone, accessories, and service plans

  • New Drone setup, warranty registration, and flight prep

  • "Flight zone" and in-vehicle accessories and supplies

  • Launch, landing, and flight procedures and standards

Drones are saving and changing lives for Industries & Agencies across the US!

  • Drones as First Responders  - Search and rescue, emergency preparedness, accident reconstruction, and many other live-saving services and functions!

  • Colleges and Universities - Pilot Training courses, improved agriculture programs, and much more!

  • Private businesses - Photography & videos, surveying, orthographics, photogrammetry, inspections, etc.

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