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Power & Charging Systems

  • Drone Batteries & Chargers

  • 12/24VDC Power Inverters

  • Custom Harnesses & Cables

  • In-Vehicle Charging Systems

  • System Consultation & Design

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Battery Packs

Spares and replacements for your drones, controllers, and headsets.

Battery Chargers

Multi and single battery chargers from trusted, reliable industry partners.

In-Vehicle Solutions

In-Vehicle Charging Systems designed by experienced automotive experts.

Consultation Services

Work with our technicians to find the right solutions, tailored to your needs.

When every mission is critical, flight time is key!

PTS offers a variety of battery and charging solutions to fit your workflow! Be sure you have the right batteries, and plenty of power on tap so you're ready to go at home, in the office, or on the road. In-vehicle inverters available for all vehicle types and in sizes from 500w to 3500w.

Emergency Response and Preparedness

Whether you're looking for a complete kits, the latest accessories, or just a few replacement parts, PTS is here to help! 

Get your fleet on the right track with fleet optimization

In recent years, GPS tracking has become a vital tool for commercial fleet management. The technology has transformed the way businesses...

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