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Mobile Connectivity Systems

  • Cellular Boosters

  • Mobile Routers

  • Fixed Wireless Access

  • BYOD Data Services

  • Multiple Networks

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Optimized Connections

Get the hardware and connectivity that best suits your needs.

Trusted Brands

Safe, secure, and reliable connections you can count on.

Unified Service & Support

Get simplified, full-stack support from PTS experts for all products.

Big Name Carriers

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile; Connectivity where you need it, no matter what.

Improve your existing cellular connections.

  • Improve signal quality in areas of poor network coverage.

  • Increased reliability for phone calls and data connections.

  • Systems available for vehicles, homes, and businesses.

  • Professional Consultation and System Design

  • US-based Tech and Installation support from experts.

Stay connected, wherever the day may lead.

  • Cell Boosters - Improve your signal

  • Mobile Routers - Dedicated hotspot for your vehicle

  • Connectivity Services - Multiple networks available

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Data Services

Get your fleet on the right track with fleet optimization

In recent years, GPS tracking has become a vital tool for commercial fleet management. The technology has transformed the way businesses...

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