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Vehicle Safety & Security

Protect your vehicle and it's contents, before it's too late! 

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Secure Assets

Protect your vehicle and it's contents. Spend less on theft and deductibles!

Prevent Theft

According to NHTSA, more than 1 MILLION cars are stolen each year.

Increased Safety

When things go wrong, be prepared to respond and investigate quickly.

Vehicle Surveillance

Capture incidents with HD video!

Record while driving or parked!

Vehicle Security Solutions

Intelligent Security Solutions to protect your vehicle :​

  • Remote Starter Disable

  • Vehicle Alarm with Siren

  • Accelerator Pedal Controllers

  • Vehicle Speed Limiters

Fleet Surveillance Solutions

Easy Fleet Surveillance Solutions;

  • Event triggered Clips sent to the Cloud

  • All device recordings kept on the SD Card

  • Simple Organization to easily comb through videos

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Options

Get your fleet on the right track with fleet optimization

In recent years, GPS tracking has become a vital tool for commercial fleet management. The technology has transformed the way businesses...

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